VisionSpring Fundraiser
at East West Living
78 Fifth Ave. @ 14th St. NYC
June 26, 2008
6:30pm - 8:30pm

The producers of Discovering Ganesh invite you to participate in a fundraiser on June 26th, 2008 at East West Living to benefit VisionSpring in their work to reduce poverty and generate opportunity for the rural poor in India through the sale of affordable reading glasses.

To buy at ticket for this event or to donate to VisionSpring click here.

The impact of the combined efforts of a community far outweighs that of a few individuals, so we decided to invite like-minded individuals to join with us to raise a much-needed $10,000 for VisionSpring's programs. Many of us have benefited from some of India's greatest exports - yoga and mediation - and as conscientious citizens of the world we know what it means to make a difference in the lives of others!

Through VisionSpring's innovative, preventative philanthropy model, thousands of rural Indians are saved from the debilitating, poverty-inducing effects of sight loss. For India's working poor - tailors, electricians, goldsmiths, mechanics and others who work with their hands - the loss of sight means the loss of their jobs and income. Reading glasses are one of the simplest, most affordable tools that we can provide to make a huge and immediate impact on peoples' lives.

For more information about this exclusive event at East West Living and how to obtain tickets please click here.

For a great short film on VisionSpring's Work in India, Click here.

For more information on VisionSpring, Click here.

All photos used in this section of the site were taken by John-Michael Maas for the VisionSpring.

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